Senior Portfolio and Investment

We love Senior Sessions!!  We are willing to travel to special locations or welcome seniors to come to our location in rural Bedford, Pennsylvania!  We especially love natural settings.  We welcome Seniors to bring several outfits and any extra props that they feel show who they are!  This is such a special time of  life and we would be honored to capture a glimpse of who you are as you are finishing your high school years and soon moving into the next stage of your life.


There are more Senior pictures located on the right side bar under seniors.  This is just a sampling of some.  To book a session, contact me at or 814.847.7742.  There is no sitting fee, however, I do request a minimum order deposit towards your package the day of the photo session of $150 towards package B.  Once the photos are viewed, the minimum package can be upgraded or additional prints ordered.


 Senior Package A- 1 - 16x20 (mounted on matte board), 5- 8x10s, 5- 5x7s, and 104 wallets (13 poses of 8 wallets per pose), and thumbdrive of digital prints with print release.  Total $250.00.

Senior Package B - 1 - 11x14 (mounted on matte board), 5- 8x10s, 5- 5x7s, 64 wallets (8 wallets per pose) and thumbdrive of digital prints with print release.  - Total $175.00


  • Al a carte -

    •  16 x 20 (mounted on matte board) - $75.00

    • 11x14 (mounted on matte board) - $50.00

    • 10x13 (mounted on matte board) - $50.00

    • 8x10 - $20.00

    • 5x7 - $10.00

    • sheet of 8 wallets - $10.00


Tips for the day of your session:


For girls:  We encourage you to bring several outfits.  A cute dress looks pretty for some of the photos.  For your other outfits - think seasonal.  Bring a summery type outfit and a fall type outfit.  Layers are great - jean jackets, scarves, boots, or hats all can change your photos and add personality.  For girls, because we are often in outdoor locations, wearing a cami top under your clothes makes changes much easier.  Bring things that are your hobbies and interests as well - musical instruments, sports balls and gear, or guns/ bows.  We will gladly incorporate pets such as dogs or horses as well.  Indoor formal studio photos are available if desired, but please let us know prior to your session.


For boys:  We encourage at least one dressier type shirt such as a polo shirt or button down.  Then wear what you love and feel comfortable in.  If you wanted an indoor studio formal photos, please let us know prior to your session.  We encourage you to bring things that interest you - fishing poles, guns, bows, balls, sports uniforms, band instruments.  You are welcome to bring a vehicle or we can set up a session to use quads, motorcycles, etc.  


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